Tiny Tykes

Parent Participation Class (7 mos–13 months)

Tiny Tykes and their parents are led through a variety of beginning stretches, exercises and introductory tumbling. As babies become mobile and acquire hand,arm and trunk control they begin to understand that physical activity is loads of fun.



Parent Participation Class (14–22 months)

Now developing a wide range of abilities, Waddlers are introduced to beginning tumbling and agility skills.Interactive songs,dances,puppet shows and a variety of special rides are used to teach and entertain.


Parent Participation Class (23 mos–2½ years)

Playtime and exercise are important components to a childs development. This program is designed for gymsters to experience both while learning gymnastics



Terrific Tots

(2½-3¼ years)

This amazing hour is filled with pre-gymnastic,structured games and independent exploration.Children learn beginning sports skills,gain fine and gross motor proficiency and strengthen manipulative skills.


Mighty Mites

(3¼-4½ years)

Now participating in class independently, Mighty Mites take part in relays and more complex games and sports skills. Flexibility and agility are increased through more advanced gymnastic skills. 


Pop Dance

(4–12 years)

Pop Dance is the perfect class for children who want to dance, stay active, and learn how to freestyle! Musicality, rhythm, and creative movement are key components of this fun, urban/street-style dance class that teaches boys and girls alike to step, stomp, and shake it out.


Whiz Kids

(4½-6 years)

 Children thrive as they work on gross motor skills such as running,jumping,hopping,skipping,throwing,kicking and catching.This class is specifically designed to build confidence,develop perseverance,increase self-control and ready our Whiz Kids for group sports.




(6–8 years)

Self-esteem and learning to work toward goals are priorities for our Champions. Emphasis is placed on effort,diligence,fair play and teamwork while practicing gymnastic and sports skills. Our exceptionally low teacher-to-student ratio allows our members to reach their maximum potential. 

Cardio Kids

(7–10 years)

Building confidence and self-esteem is still our highest priority,as we help your children increase their endurance and gross motor skills. This demanding but emotionally supportive program combines a cardio workout with strength and flexibility exercises. 


Little Bundles

Parent Participation Class (6 weeks- 6 months)

The Little Bundles Program provides a terrific opportunity for you to further the connection with your baby. 

Through simple exercises,songs,dances,infant-safe rides and swings, our youngest members learn new skills that encourage their physical,emotional,social and intellectual progress.


Small Ballet

(4-6 years)

Small ballet introduces the fundamentals of a structured dance class in a fun, noncompetitive way! Children will gain confidence as they learn the vocabulary of ballet, are taught basic stretches and barre exercises, and are given opportunities to move to music.!


Big Ballet

(7-12 years)

Big Ballet is an advanced Ballet class. These kids have learned the fundamental structure of Ballet !


Kick Boxing

(4–12 years)

The children should learn how to defend themselves safely in an entertaining way. This program will teach them how to Kick and Punch.


Small group Karate

(4-12 years) White Belt

First Class is White belt only for beginners , a great introduction to Karate ! Children learn the basics of Karate and build a sound of foundation for their future as Martial Artists. The environment in this prpgram is supportive, assuring and fun! 


Big group Karate

(4-12 years) Colored Belt

Second Class is Colored belt for advanced group.These children are ready to refine and hone their Karate techniques, as this non-contact program now emphasizes effort, dedication, and achievement of goals.

As the students continue to build upon their foundation, they begin to execute their Karate punches, kicks, blocks, and stances in a more refined and athletic manner. 



(4- 12 years)

Zumba Kids classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and learn full dances.Helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of childrens lives by making fitness fun. 



4-12 years

It is an intense, interval workout that combines cardiovascular training, resistance training and sport conditioning. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, teamwork, and confidence.




4-12 years

Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children. It incorporates strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline.



Fit Kids


Fitkid class is special fitness class for overweight kids kids have healthy diet program and right  fitness program. we increase their muscle  and do interval training kids enjoy the class with various games at the same time burn fat. 
Personal fitness training 

Ninja Training

4-6 & 6-10 years

This class focuses on developing strength, stamina, and agility in a variety of challenging activities including obstacle courses that change weekly! The obstacles are intended to challenge children mentally and physically while instilling a mindset of overcoming adversity both inside and outside of the gym. Our one hour program is designed to be fun and challenging while remaining safe and non-competitive.



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