ABS Dance

ABS Dance is an abdominal firming class. 

Sculpt your abs, thighs, and lower back with this intense workout.

So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance your day away!


ABT is an intense toning class targeting your abs, glutes, and thighs for optimum results.

Get ready to feel great about how you look after this class!


Aerobics is a choreographed class that helps you challenge your strength and endurance. Become an aerobics guru by practicing these moves weekly at our gym.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a fun oriental dance class. Learn the basic movements as well as the posture and styling of bellydancing!

Body Combat

Body Combat is the ultimate cardio workout to unleash yourself.

Punch, Kick, Kata: a fat burning class that helps you release stess and burn calories!


Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting is a muscle mass building, fat burning class.

Get the chance to work out at your own pace during this class.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a fast and serious weight loss class.

Drop and give me 20 ladies!


Bosu in an intense strength training class designed around the Bosu balance equipment. This class forces you to maintain your center of gravity while toning your muscles.

Fit Press

Fit Press is a muscle class utilizing a variety of equipment to sculpt all major muscle groups.


Kickboxing is a punching and kicking class that improves strength, muscle tone, and endurance. It is an intense workout class.

Try out one of the trendiest fitness classes now!

RPM - Spinning

RPM is an indoor cycling workout to the rhythm of pumping music.

Enjoy the interaction, driving energy and crazy beats and get the best cardio workout!


Pilates is a set of nonimpact exercises that engages the mind and develops strength, flexibility, and balance.

Lengthen and tone your muscles away at our gym.


Stretching is a stretch and flex class that is vital for your muscles and feels good.

It is a great way to release tension and end your day.



Tabata is a high intensity interval training class. Wheather it is muscle toning or weight loss, you will find what you are looking for.

Total Body Circuit

Total body circuit is a body conditioning class that includes sports and toning exercises.

No time to wander in this class, your body will become a burning machine.

Upper Body

Upper Body is a muscle conditioning class that targets strength and balance from all angles.

Lets hit the upper body in this time-buster workout!


Yoga is a meditative class that helps you restore balance within your mind and body.

Come enjoy the sensation of starting your day in peace.

Zumba - Family Zumba

Zumba is the perfect dance class that works every muscle in your body.

Family Zumba is a fun family interacting class that offers simple trainings for all levels and ages.

Sculpt your bodies naturally while having a blast!

Ballet Fitness

In our Ballet Fitness class you will improve your posture, gain strenght and flexibility at the shame time you develop your artistic and performing skills. The class starts with a warm up with exercises on the floor, and at the barre. In this section you will work different group of muscles isolated. After that, starts the work in the center, where you will do diferent combinations of movements, working also the coordination between legs and arms, balance, strenght and control of the posture. The class ends with the higher exercise demand, the jump section.